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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vision Boards


We all got a vision board for Christmas along with our gratitude journals. They came with about 100 inspirational sayings and words which you can choose, along with some instructions to choose photos, pictures or words to describe what you want to do, be and have. We finally got around to doing it today and it was great. I read out all of K's (5) words and sayings and she chose those she loved - dance, music, truth and sparkle to name a few and asked for descriptions on all of the words she didn't understand. Then she placed them on her board (with a bit of help from me) and decorated it with feathers and jewels. She didn't quite get the concept of choosing pictures so she could visualise things she wants but she lives such a great, free, easy life with the majority of her needs met so I think she sees the world as abundant already. Her board will obviously evolve over time but I was really thrilled to watch her choose certain terms through either an affinity with those words or her intuition or just that she liked the sound of the word.

D (17) did his a couple of weeks ago in secret and surprised me with the finished product. I wasn't sure if he would do it but was absolutely thrilled when he presented it to me. Some of the words and sayings inspire him, some he knows he needs to work on and some of the pictures of things he wants are already on their way to happening.

N (13) and M (15) also took a lot of care in choosing from the wide range of sayings. Things that are relevant to where they are in life right now, things they want to work on and things that inspire them were also chosen. They googled images to print out, colour and put on and cut out pictures from magazines to either match their words or set goals for the future. I was amazed at some of the discussions that this project instigated and got to know my kids a little bit more. It became quite evident that they really do have their own thoughts, feelings and values and I can also see the influence their own life experiences have had on where they are right now.

I have started my own as well, cutting out a heap of pictures and just need to go through my sayings and words (or make up my own) and arrange it on my own board. Powerful stuff! (Finished now)

D (17)

M (15)

N (13) Not quite finished

K (5)

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