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Monday, March 22, 2010

How Quickly Life Changes

Last year, especially towards the end of it, I was so overwhelmed. It was an extremely busy year with M's commitment to trampolining - three or four training sessions a week plus competitions most weekends - D transitioning to more independence, cadets 45 mins drive away each way every week plus sporting commitments, one of T's employees passing away giving way to not only grieving for our friend and employee but increasing his workload again and K becoming more and more ready for more input with her education requirements and stimulation rather than being content to play for long periods of time on her own.

I took a long hard look at where I could make changes, visualised what I wanted more of (time, peace, less commitments outside the home) over the Christmas break and lo and behold we have naturally made massive changes. Both older boys are now working casually at a local fast food place, catching buses there and back and D is often catching the bus or train to his sports and cadets due to lack of time between work finishing and those starting (eliminating the need for me to take him). I am still very happy to take him but he organises his time and transport and calls on me as a last resort. M is still continuing his studes by getting up earlier, working several hours a day and training in the evenings. We are very aware of him burning out so are quite happy to reduce his work hours if this is happening. His trampolining and studies are the priority at this stage of his life. N is working with T one day a week doing odd jobs and taking some of his school work over there with him to do between jobs, reducing the need for me to be completely responsible for his education and leaving me time to spend with K.

We have also employed a young man to train to do sales and take the pressure of T with the business and he is working out wonderfully. We plan to look after him really well so he can remain a part of our small team. We have just been able to take a two week break after seven years in business without the phone ringing constantly. It was fantastic and we really appreciate and value how much that is worth.

So, visualise how you want your life to be and it will come to be in ways you can't imagine at the time. Take time out to reflect what you want, what's working and what's not and you will be amazed where your thoughts will lead.

Love Karen

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