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Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing at Home

K will often go to the games cupboard and pull out a game to play on her own while I'm busy with the older boys. Yesterday was one of those days. She spent her time weighing her teddies and marbles and we recorded their weights, comparing their weights as well. She was surprised that some of the smaller teddies weighed more than some of the larger ones. She also played with the marble game, the louder the cascade of marbles the better.

Then she hopped onto the computer and played her favourite website at the moment, www.physicsgames.net. I often sit with her while she does it to help but I am amazed at how quickly she has learnt to navigate and work out the skills required to make the ball explode or wake the box up :)

We are reading The Littles at the moment by John Peterson along with lots of Dr Seuss. She often runs her hands under the words or asks me to and asks what a lot of the words say. She recognises a lot of letters now and can hear the sound of starting letters.

We are going to visit the Australian National Maritime Museum exhibition Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids in April so are working on a few resources and preparation from the American Museum of Natural Science education section. We played the map game and made masks and puppets using the website resources. We are going to watch Eragon (N, not K, she's a bit young) in the next few days and do more activities from the website over the next few weeks before we visit the exhibition.

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