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Monday, April 5, 2010

Learning Snippets

K is always asking what colours mix to make other colours, you know, blue and yellow make green, etc so we got out the paints so she could work it out for herself.
It started off with mixing the primary colours to make the secondary colours and then, of course,it ended with one of her "masterpieces", displayed proudly on her easel.

We took her to an art class at the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, part of the school holiday program, and she did printmaking. She made three different types of prints and loved it. I had to stay with her (I was the only mum) but I much prefer her to be comfortable, the alternative is she doesn't do it. Next week we are doing ceramics.

She was thrilled to spot Australia in her pancake and insisted I take a photo of it (minus Tasmania, sorry Tassie).
We started an alphabet challenge, with her drawing three things starting with the letter put up there - an apple, an ant and an alligator are her first answers. She is barely starting to recognise words but most of the letters she is familiar with the sounds. She runs her fingers under the words though as I read and often is up to the right one so we'll see what happens over the next couple of months.

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