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Monday, October 4, 2010

Unschooling moment

Or maybe a deschooling moment. T got me an iPad for my birthday (woohoo!!), totally unexpected and I couldn't talk for about five minutes. My jaw just hit the floor. It was one of those wish list things but not really on my current wish list - more somewhere in the fuzzy future wish lists. I have been so excited at the possibilities and freedom it gives us for work. That's our main goal at the moment - to set ourselves up so we can travel anywhere, anytime while still being able to conduct business. I love this technology.

I have been downloading podcasts to listen to and am soooo excited about this. It has taken me into a whole new realm of learning possibilities. I have always had in the back of my mind that I would one day go to uni - in my mind the only thing stopping me was the fact that I can't pinpoint one subject passion. I love psychology, history, forensic science, biology, anthropology, travel, languages - French and Italian, literature and more I can't think of just at the moment. Very hard to do a uni degree encompassing that lot :)

As I move more and more into unschooling and fresh off getting home from the First Ever Australian Unschooling Conference and reading Dayna Martin's book Radical Unschooling - A Revolution has Begun, I was up until 2am listening to podcasts! I literally had to give myself permission to stay up this late. I was lying in bed at about 11pm (late for me, usually 10pm) thinking passionately about all of the fabulous free podcasts I have downloaded and getting excited about listening and suddenly gave myself permission to get up and do it NOW, not tomorrow or next week, but NOW. I know this probably sounds bizarre but I had a very strict bedtime all through childhood, even into my twenties and early thirties (self-imposed then but deeply ingrained) and spent those years with the belief that I would be tired, I would be tired if I didn't get enough sleep and guess what? My refrain was always, "I'm so tired". I am feeling excited and joyful this morning after about five hours sleep and that is so against my normal mindset. I feel like I have had a breakthrough in both understanding myself and where I've come from and with unschooling/deschooling myself.

Uni is getting pushed further and further into my future, not with regret or disappointment, but with excitement, passion and joy at how easy it is to gain knowledge when, where and whatever you want with the technology that we have available to us. I love unschooling myself probably more than watching the kids learn freely.

Love Karen


  1. I can just feel your joy coming through in this post Karen! Enjoy your ipad & podcasts - you can always have a nanna nap later if you need one :)

  2. Hello Lovely! I finally found your blog! Took me a while! hehe! Have fun with your Ipad! I'll be back later to check out more posts.

    Hugs xoxoxox

  3. I survived without the nanna nap and still feel amazing! Hi Karisma, I am slowly coming out from anonymity, don't get too excited, they are mostly just ramblings xxx

  4. I am so excited that YOU are so excited by your iPad and the freedom it will bring to your life and travels. I love how you broke through your pre-conceived notion of having to go to bed early so as not to wake tired, inspiration is a powerful force! Also, love how you shared that learning and education is NOT just about Uni and school, but simply continuing to learn and soak up what you can where and when you can, based on what excited you. As always, you are such an inspiration to me and my life. Love you! xo

  5. What a joyful post to read, Karen! I'm in a similar place, having originally thought I'd go to uni after high school but choosing to travel instead, then thinking it'd be when I got back from o/s but my feet were too itchy, then thought it would be when my youngest child started school (ha ha, funny joke that one!), then thinking maybe I'd go once she was a teen. But, like you, I'd find it so hard to limit myself to a subject area (although that may change) and love the freedom to learn from the amazing resources all around us. Isn't technology wonderful at times! I don't have an iPad yet, but I'm planning on an iPod and look forward to listening while I walk etc. Thanks for the inspiration KD!

  6. You have been tagged athttp://dovesrest.blogspot.com/2011/09/homeschooling-meme-tagged.html , but please don't feel you have to, I am genuinely interested though.