Welcome to a snippet of our world. We are a family of six, three teen boys and one 6yo girl, living, laughing, learning and loving in our own way via life learning, home education, unschooling, call it what you will. We have strong family values, are working towards peace and positivity, are constantly working on good communication, goal setting, healthy lifestyle and creating the life that we want. Please enjoy the snapshots of our life......

Monday, October 4, 2010

Some fun stuff over the last three months

Lost teeth - three in two days!

Playdough peeps

Bath art - food coloring mixed with hand soap

Birthday girl - Miss 6

K loves her meditation pose - she called this lounge box her humming box. We were in a spiritual type book store the other day and while T and I were browsing she grabbed a yoga book off the shelf and started doing some poses in the middle of the store. People just graciously passed over or around her while she held the downward dog.

Back into nature

Bushwalking with Nanna

Fuzzy friends

Furry surprises

Giants Cave

Shell/rock collection from Henley Beach, Adelaide - added some weight to our baggage on the flight home!

Love Karen


  1. I would've loved to have seen her doing a downward dog in the bookshop :)

  2. She's such a pretty little thing even with her two front teeth missing. Hope you are all well. Wow this was nearly a year ago, much water under the bridge and another years wisdom upon you. Warmest wishes, Renelle