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Friday, January 8, 2010

Being Inspired

I have been immersing myself in motivational and inspiring reading/MP3s and work since about September last year. It started with my bestie Global Jewels asking me to transcribe all of Dr Joe Dispenza's work from a Video Q & A show he has as one of his products. There were 25 hours in total of talk time which equates to over 100 hours of typing time. Dr Joe made the movie What the Bleep, has written a book called Evolve Your Brain and is about to release another book called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. He writes from a very scientific perspective which suits me because I like to know how things work in the body, as well as describing the quantum field and how it affects us, an amazing phenomenon.

So I have been re-inspired for life - to live the most ecstatic, blissful, purposeful life I can. I have always been a goal setter and a list maker and have achieved a lot of things this way but still feel I am falling way short of the mark. I think this has to do with having my baby girl five years ago. When I have babies, I tend to let it take over until I can manage adding a few things at a time. I have always read and kept educating myself informally but it's like my life is on hold until I have the energy/time/space to move into another direction. I find I can't have a career and children, it's one or the other. When I have tried to do both, because of my all or nothing personality, I have fallen in a heap. This time, I have been very careful to look after myself and have most of my needs met so as to manage for my sake and my family's.

As you can see, I have listed things that are inspiring me at the moment plus goals I would like to achieve in the short term. As I complete them, I will post a little update on how I went about it, they are really just reminders for me to follow through instead of just writing them on a list :) One of the goals is to write a list - I got that out of Philip Humbert's newsletter http://www.philiphumbert.com/Free/ and it's quite comprehensive. The reason I haven't done it (no, I'm not procrastinating) is that I am away next week and I have been thinking and brainstorming how I would like my life to be so when it comes to filling in those little boxes, I will be well prepared - that's a Virgo for you!!

One of the goals running around in my head is to inspire people this year. I have been blessed to have many people in my life who constantly inspire me - friends and family and also books, blogs, websites and MP3 recordings. I replied to a question on teens on one of my yahoo groups and, not only did quite a few people respond saying that my answer inspired them, but the moderator asked if she could publish it in an Australia wide magazine. Wow, the power of affirmations. I am constantly amazed at how easily things can manifest if they are put into the field of quantum phemomena, surrendering and not controlling the outcome. I had no idea how this inspiring other people would come about but had a good belly laugh full of joy when I received those emails in my inbox thanking me for my words. Very encouraging.

Looking forward to whatever else is going to unfold in this blissful, free, ecstatic journey.

Love Karen

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