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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Front Garden

I have managed to pretty much tick off one of my goals for this year - to complete the front gardens. We have been here over three years and they have been in various stages of mud, dirt, weeds waist high and grass. A lot of digging,planting and love later and we have some pretty cool gardens to get established over the next couple of years.

We only want to add a bird bath in the larger garden, some mondo grass along the front to stop run off onto the path as it's quite steep there and a couple more ground covers where there are spaces once the larger plants have spread a bit. We also want to add some sort of pine bark to finish it off but that's just a quick job which we can do anytime. The sugar cane mulch is fine at the moment.

We have used a lot of natives to reduce watering - grevilleas, kangaroo paw, seaside daisy and the vine out the front (can't remember it's name)- but I couldn't resist the cottage-y garden feel with the lavender, thyme and rosemary and colour with the rhoeo. Those ones have lasted really well in the heat we've had lately so once it's established, it should need minimal care. I love watching it grow and have really grown to love gardening over the last six months or so - very soothing and artistic.

Love Karen

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