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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Raw Choc Avocado Pie

We got home quite late last night after going on a wonderful walk organised by Lake Macquarie City Council at Catherine Hill Bay. It was run by an extremely enthusiastic ecologist who talked until the sun went down but it was worth it. It was such a hot day and we were in the best spot for it, right down near the beach and then swimming in these amazing rock lagoons. Very refreshing!

Anyway, T was feeling like a dessert after a long hard week so I whipped up this raw dessert in about 20 minutes. One of my goals is to try a new raw recipe every day and I am really enjoying it. I am no cook and I have never had a passion for cooking, it is a real chore for me but the raw recipes are so easy, as long as you have the cupboard stocked with the ingredients. It is absolutely delicious and as it sets in the fridge, always tastes better the next day!

Love Karen

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