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Monday, May 31, 2010

Interview with the Army

My eldest, D, has an interview to join the Army on 15th June. He is extremely excited as he has been talking about it off and on for about twelve months. He finally made the initial call in February (after he turned 17) and they told him it could take up to six months to get an interview. When they rang, he was shaking with excitement. It was lovely to watch, as if it was my excitement as well.

He needs to have an interview, medical and aptitude test on that day so I googled some aptitude tests and came up with this one. He wasn't here when I printed it off so I did it and got 18 out of 33 (feeling pretty pleased with myself) and M and N had a good go at it getting a few, then getting too frustrated, then kicking themselves as the answers seem so obvious once you know them. I gave it to D when he got home tonight and after priming him and setting up the challenge that anything over 23 is classed as "genius" status, he proceeded to get 26 on his own and 28 by giving a couple of very subtle hints.

So there ya have it - my boy's a genius! Let's hope the recruiting officers are reading this.

Love Karen

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  1. Congratulations D the genius! Good luck with the interview.