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Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Surprises

K loves familiarity and routine but gets a lot of joy out of surprises and spontaneity. I am always looking for ways to see her face light up and get a lot of inspiration from A Magical Childhood blog. Drawing funny pictures on her chalkboard at night time so she wakes up to it or faces on the bottom of her socks so she can walk around with secret smilies in her shoes all day are fun. Here are a couple of pictures of
things that have lit up her face:

Simply cutting out and blue-tacking some of her colouring-in just near her bed so she can enjoy them during quiet/sleep times. Her face lights up and she gets so excited saying "You are the best Mum in the world!" She has also been known to call me the worst Mum as well - oh, the drama of having an expressive princess!

We are still doing our chalkboard alphabet project - up to the letter I. Mostly she will draw the pictures but I surprised her one morning by helping out.
Saying yes more often led to this spontaneous autumn shower. We were watering N's new fruit tree seedlings and it very quickly changed into great water play. This was one of our first chilly days too. Kids just don't seem to care......
I just sat back in the nice warm sun with a hot cup of tea enjoying their high spirits.


  1. hose + trampoline = scary :)

  2. Nah, double back flips with half a twist are scary. A little bounce on the tramp with a bit of water is nothing compared to what I have to watch M do each week! Now, add some detergent and you're asking for trouble, we've done that a few times- lol!